The leading cultural voice in the North of England

Ben Crick, Artistic Director

Yorkshire is a land that has inspired artists for centuries; from Turner painting Gordale Scar, the Haworth moors inspiring the writings of the Brontes or Whitby inspiring Bram Stoker with Dracula and Elgar imagining  some of his most famous works whilst visiting friends in the Yorkshire Dales, it is a land steeped in myth and legend that has had a profound effect on artists through the years.

But it is also a more modern story, a region that takes in bustling cities, post industrial areas reinventing themselves and picture postcard villages that seem unchanged since before the industrial upheavals of the 17 and 1800s; of families who have lived in the same house for generations and people who have recently found a home in this area from all over the world. All these jostling, contrasting and competing stories are all our stories and to create art that tells these tales is one of the inspiring motivations imaginable.

I believe music tells stories with an eloquence and depth unsurpassable by any other art form and I personally believe that the symphony orchestra is one of humanity’s crowning achievements. The Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra will be an ensemble here in Yorkshire that for many years will collaborate with institutions and individuals throughout the region and truly sing the song of the north.