In the Media

As the original YSO disbanded in 1955, there was a real sense its revival was long overdue.

To tell the story of the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra’s triumphant rise from the dire straits of the pandemic, Cause UK interviewed Ben Crick, and trumpet player, Anthony, who had performed for Pope Benedict XVI and Sting but took a builder’s labourer job during Coronavirus. 

In May 2021, Cause UK staged a media call at Harewood House with Ben and the orchestra, filming drone footage and co-ordinating press photography and journalists. Ann at Cause UK, a feature writer, also wrote a piece for the Yorkshire Post, and the team used the stories of Ben and Anthony in a press release to accompany the media launch.

The results were phenomenal, with 138 pieces of press coverage, not including radio and broadcast, with interviews on BBC Radio4 Broadcasting House. Highlights were a full-page feature in the Guardian, with print coverage in the Times, Daily Mail, Telegraph, the Independent and others.

Coveragebook put the readership at a staggering 1.72 billion, with 3.35 million estimated coverage views.

Later in 2021, Ben Crick wrote a new composition, Yorkshire for All for Yorkshire Day on August 1. Cause UK placed the story across Yorkshire-media, with a bespoke film showcasing the county by their associate, Gary Lawson. The photo-story ran in the Sunday Times.

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