Cause UK

Cause UK, Special Advisor

Established in 2010, Cause UK is run by sisters, Clair and Ann. It specialises in promoting the arts, ethical businesses, social enterprises, the public sector and good causes. Cause UK also delivers its own portfolio of cultural events.

Cause UK launched the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra to the media in 2021, and secured its patron Alan Bennet. Clair was appointed Special Advisor to the YSO, and the team support the orchestra’s profile, as well as working with Jamie and Ben to secure performances, and help establish its future.

Underlying their work is the idea that there is no more powerful human emotion than belief in a just cause.  Their objective is to be agents of change and to support its clients to enrich lives, explore what matters, campaign for good, provoke thought, inspire action and put heart and intelligence into the news agenda.

Their work is proven to raise profiles, attract investment, increase footfall and ultimately boost revenue and donations for their clients.

See their website here and check out their consistent 5* reviews.

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